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System Center Configuration Manager 2016 Technical Preview

System Center Technical Preview 2 has been released and the technical documentation can be found



One of the new features in the System Center Technical Preview gives us the ability to import an Operating system Upgrade Package and create a task sequence to upgrade the Operating System from an Upgrade Package.

So why would anyone choose to upgrade? Reasons for choosing to upgrade.

  1. If you are upgrading the Operating System, and do not need to upgrade any of the applications, then this may be a viable option.
  2. If no applications need to be upgraded afterwards, the task sequence could be quicker than a wipe and reload.

When and why should I wipe and reload? (I still prefer and recommend)

  1. If the new Operating System requires application updates, just start with a fresh Operating System. Do not waste time Upgrading the OS and apps within the task sequence.
  2. By starting with a fresh OS, your task sequence will actually run quicker, allowing you to install the latest approved applications that are compatible with the Operating System, and most importantly your system will be much happier.
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