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Windows 10 Servicing with ConfigMgr 2012

In this post I will cover the servicing of Windows 10 1507 and updating Windows 10 to 1511. Within the next month or two, we will likely be seeing the anniversary update to Windows 10. The process should be the same as below.

Click on Software Library and then select Windows 10 Servicing. Below you will see the Windows 10 Servicing dashboard. In this example I have one system that is already running 1511 and one that is still running 1507.

Below is a calendar that shows the dates and end of life for 1507 and 1511. As you can see 1507 was nearing end of live on 2016/03…. Time to upgrade

Under Servicing Plans. Create a new servicing plan

Select a target collection

Configure a deployment ring

Select the language(s) that are needed

Configure a deployment schedule that meets your needs

Configure the user experience that meets your needs

Create or use an existing Deployment Package

Select the distribution points(s)

Choose a download location

Choose the language(s) needed

Review the summary

Click Close

Take a look at the All Windows 10 Updates. In my lab I have 1 required.

Download the update, this will take some time.

Deploy the Update

Go back to the Service Plans and click Run Now.

The systems(s) will check in and see if they need to apply the update based on the policies of the servicing plan.

Prior to 1511 Update

After 1511 Update

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