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Using SCCM to Deploy the SCCM Console to Clients

As with many of us, we never like to lend out our media and as always there are individuals that need access to the SCCM console besides the SCCM Admin. We also do not like to walk around from workstation to workstation to install the media. The following process will help you install the SCCM console to the workstations in question.

This process will use two files, a cmd file that will run the installation and also call the ini file that will specify the SCCM install settings. I have found these a while back and have used them ever since.









The second file is named sccm-console-unattended.cmd

REM Install Console

%~dp0\bin\i386\setup.exe /script %~dp0\sccm-console_unattended.ini

I have placed both of these files under the SMSSETUP directory of the extracted media.



I have pointed my package source to the SMSSETUP folder of my media.


The script will already run the program hidden from the enduser. Configuring the settings as below


Due to the size of the source I chose to run the package from the distribution point.

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