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How to Deploy Windows 7 Language Packs “Online”

In my last post I talked about how to install a language pack with a new OS deployment found here. What if you need to deploy a language pack to a known system? Here is a simple process that can do just that.

I have a Windows 7 x86 system with the Configuration Manager 2007 sp2 client installed as well as the r3 hotfix. I want to push out the German language pack to this system.

Here is a quick look at the task sequence. We need the MDT toolkit package as this contains the script we need to run in order to install the language pack.

We need to run a command line that will assist us in installing the language pack for the online installation. Note that the script I am using it the ZTILanPacksOnline.wsf.

Since we will be installing the German language pack we need to set the value in are variable.

Lastly we need to point to our language pack.

Now advertise this and let it run. This task sequence will install the language pack but not set the new language as default.

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