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WDS service will not start

One of the most common mistakes I see in a new SCCM environment is setting up WDS incorrectly. After initially installing WDS a configuration wizard pops up. This is where you should opt out of the configuration. If you choose to walk through the configuration and then try to setup the PXE Service point, this will later cause WDS not to keep the service started.

Below are the steps necessary to correctly install WDS and prepare it for PXE booting.

  1. First you must remove the boot images from the PXE service point
  2. Uninstall the PXE service point. Monitor the pxesetup.log file for a successful uninstallation
  3. Once the PXE role has been uninstalled, uninstall WDS.
  4. Once WDA has been uninstalled reboot the server WDS was installed on.
  5. From the WDS server, rename the RemoteInstall folder to RemoteInstall.old
  6. Walk through the WDS install again.

Note: When the configuration wizard pops up STOP. No not proceed and just close out

  1. Proceed with installing the PXE setup roles. Monitor the pxesetup.log for installation completed successfully.
  2. Once installed, you can add the boot images to the PXE DP’s
  3. The WDS service should be started and you should see the images under the newly recreated RemoteInstall folder.


WDS is now functional

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