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Moving SCCM to a New Server

There may come a time where you need to move you SCCM environment to a new server. This will help make that process as possible.

When needing to move SCCM to new hardware you must remember:

  1. The side code cannot be renamed without uninstalling SCCM and reinstalling or standing up a new SCCM server (side-by-Side) migration.
  2. You must keep the same server name as the existing SCCM server.
  3. You must also keep the same drive structure as the existing SCCM server.

So what are the steps you need to take?

  1. Backup the site settings and database of the SCCM Server
  2. Backup local folders (if any) used for package sources: (source folder, drivers folder…etc). Make a note of the permissions as well.
  3. Decommission the SCCM Server and remove from the domain.
    1. Note: Name, IP, site code, installation path,
  4. Build the new server with the information from step 3.
    1. Install and configure all SCCM prerequisites
    2. If SQL was local before Install the same SQL version and any updates
    3. Install SCCM 2007 to the same patch level, directory, site code from the old SCCM server
  5. Restore folders used for SCCM (Sources, drivers, packages, and set permissions
  6. Restore the SCCM database from the old server using the Site repair wizard
  7. Resolve any errors under the site status.

I hope this blog helps you with your transition

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